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Why I'm Making Another Podcast App


I love podcasts.

I listen to them everyday and when I get together with friends we tend to sit around the table going back and forth on some of the content that we had come across since we last met.

Every once in a while a friend will introduce a new topic or show that gets me all excited. For podcast listeners, this is where the magic is — finding that new piece of content that really piques your interest.

The shitty part is that there are so many new podcasts being released every month, yet it's hard for me to find new high quality shows. In other words, the podcast industry has a discovery problem. I don't want to listen to the same shows every week. I don't want to live in an echo chamber. And this is why I'm building a new podcast app.

The Weekly Drip

This new app is called OOZY and it may be a bit different from what you would expect from your typical podcasting app. It's not your average player that lets you subscribe to your favorite shows. It doesn't even let you search for podcasts.

It's a living playlist of the best podcast shows every week. And by "living", I mean that new episodes are added as interesting ones are found. Some weeks it might focus on a particular topic, and on others it might just be a mix of great content. And by the end of the week, "poof" they're gone, and we start again with a fresh playlist.

At OOZY we're calling this playlist, "The Weekly Drip".

iOS Beta

I've been working on this app for a couple of months and am confident that I've ironed out most of the issues to release a closed beta. If you're interested submit your email on the form at www.oozy.fm. Once I get it, I'll send you an email on how you can get the app on your iPhone and start checking it out!

Credit Where Credit Is Due

The development of OOZY didn't just come out of thin air. A lot of the inspiration for building the project was created by starting a podcast newsletter with my good friend, Nick Caputo, last year.

We realized that although newsletters are great for discovering podcasts, they aren't really great for actually playing them when the latest issue comes out. There was way too much friction going from an email to playing an episode in your podcast app of choice. So in a way, OOZY is a natural extension of our previous endeavors.

I hope you check it out, and find it as useful as we do, and please let me know what you think!